File Backup & Storage Solutions

Today devices generate more electronic files than ever before. The loss of your data is a nightmare situation. Hopefully you have a backup strategy and have identified storage solutions to use.

You could simply buy an external hard drive. The downside is that having a backup on your premises will not save your files from a fire, flood, theft, or other types of damage. Also, anywhere access to your files would mean you carrying the hard drive everywhere.

You could use the small amount of free storage offered by most cloud services, but this is probably is not going to be enough to store all of your large files. So if you are going to sign up for a cloud service, look closely at the costs of additional storage. Then consider our storage solutions.

iWebz® brings you an innovative set of storage solutions to backup & store your files safely on the cloud.


Personal File Backups Made Easy

Carry files without carrying a USB device. Instantly sync files with anytime Web Browser & Mobile App access.

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Automated Website Backup

Website files & database remotely backed up on the cloud. Restore on demand.

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