Web Hosting Infrastructure

iWebz® offers Web Hosting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and has resource configurations for your every need. From low resource consumption websites to high resource consuming portals, or your hosted Web Service APIs, we have your web infrastructure needs covered.

Our Web Hosting platform already supports business websites & web apps

So whether you are setting up a Company website or an E-commerce portal, your Company Email or an online Web Application / API, we have options to support your resource requirements.

All you need to do from your end is use our self-service portal to simply select from the following types of options.

Standard Web Hosting Services


Your online identity for websites & email addresses

Domain names give a professional identity to your online ventures.

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Share server resource usage with a fixed quota of resources

The easiest way to start with a website & email addresses.

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Virtually a dedicated server with high fixed resource quotas

Go beyond shared hosting with more resources & more control.

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Your own physical server, full resources, full control

Get the best performance for your Web App or API.

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Unique Web Hosting Services

Work Smarter Within The Google Cloud

G Suite for your organisation makes more sense at the price we offer.

Impress.ly - instant website builder with FREE trial

Quickly create a website like an app with your social media content or from scratch.

Personal Web Hosting

Start with free Shared Web Hosting for life without ads on your website pages.

Customer Support

All of our Web Hosting options are accompanied by fanatical customer support! We are on duty to support you with all sorts of questions relating to our products.

Support is provided through a variety of channels:

  • Knowledgebase/FAQs - Our comprehensive database of solutions to the most likely issues you may face.
  • Trouble Ticket System - Our support team is online 24x7x365 to answer your technical questions.